Schamong GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2000 by scrap expert Heribert Schamong in Cologne, Germany. 20 years of experience in the fields of scrap trade and disposal speak for themselves.

The aim was to provide only with a most reliable service and excellent material. With the growing needs of the international market Schamong only goes for the utmost in quality.

In fall 2000 we started our agency business. In the name of our cooperation partner, we work as a trading agent for Russia and baltic states except Poland.

As result we grow the business together from 279.000 mt up to 1.252.000 mt shipped tonnage.

We only could be successfull due a couple of elements so as reliable relationship with our suppliers and our costumers, a trustfull cooperation with our agency partner and last but not least a team of experts in Cologne and St. Petersburg wich can be really called 'human capital'.

A lot of companies may have the same but our business base is different. From the very beginning we based our business on the christian believing in god.

We felt it many times in critical situations that we are on a guided way. Nothing happend by coincident.      



Am Rosengarten 2
D- 50827 Köln - Germany

Tel. +49 221 130 56 030
Fax +49 221 130 56 035 0