In the year 2000 we started a cooperation with Hugo Neu Schnitzer Global Trade and worked in there name as a trading agent for Russia and other baltic states.

As result HNSGT became the biggest shipper for scrap from Russia. 

In 2005 Hugo Neu and Schnitzer decided to split and our contract was taken over by Schnitzer Steel Industry who formed Schnitzer Global Exchange for the oversea scrap trading business.

For SGX we build up, beside our position in the baltic, a strong Black Sea business. 

And despite the growing russian domestic market and less export tonnage in general ex Russia, we kept our position and were able to increase our shipments and also the shipped tonnage.

In the year 2007 we changed our business politics and reduced the 'shortsea' business and increased the 'deepsea' shipments.

Since 2008 we´re continuing the business with our new partner, DIAMETAL S.A.L.

Nothing happend by coincident.    



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